Impact Maker terms


Before submitting an application to register as a Future Agro Challenge Impact Maker, you are required by Future Agro Challenge (FAC) to agree and accept the following license. Make sure you have read and understand FAC rules before you agree to this license.


FAC considers the primary license holder the leading organizer of their respective local FAC activation. If this is found not to be the case, FAC must be immediately notified; otherwise FAC reserves the right to revoke or not renew a license.

Upon accepting the terms and conditions, FAC will grant you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to use the FAC name, logo, trademarks, service marks and materials made available for reproduction. In addition, a tailored FAC name and FAC sub-domain web page assigned to your FAC event (collectively, the “Intellectual Property”) only in connection with your local FAC event. Your use of the Intellectual Property must comply with the general rules set forth by FAC, in which may be modified from time to time by FAC in its sole discretion, which are incorporated in this License.

The Intellectual Property may only be used to promote your local FAC activation, and in no event shall you, or any person or entity that organizes, participates in, or performs services regarding your local FAC activation, use the Intellectual Property, or the FAC name, logo, trademarks or service marks, for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, the sale of articles, publications, audio recordings, videos or other media, without the prior written consent of FAC.

FAC names and logos will be owned exclusively by FAC and are licensed to you according to these terms and conditions.


FAC licenses are non-transferable, you cannot transfer your FAC license to another individual/organization without prior notification to the Global FAC team. If you wish to cease your license you must first notify the Global FAC team to allow another organization to have it. The new licensee will need to fill out his or her own application.


Should you decide not to renew your FAC license, or in the case FAC does not renew your license, you must transfer the FAC domain name and other social properties to another FAC licensee. FAC cannot be held liable for expenses incurred during the purchase, transfer or re-sale of FAC-related domain name or other.

FAC will not be responsible or liable for providing you with any resources, personnel or materials other than any resources made available by FAC which will be sent to you directly.

You agree to assume full responsibility for any and all injuries or damages you may sustain or cause others to sustain in connection with any local FAC activation, and to indemnify, defend and hold harmless FAC, Industry Disruptors-Game Changers, its officers, directors, sponsors, partners, employees, volunteers, affiliates, licensors, and suppliers from and against any liability arising from such injuries and/or damages.



Future Agro Challenge is the sole property of Industry Disruptors Game Changers (ID-GC), a grassroots organization promoting innovation and entrepreneurship with a focus on start-ups and extroversion. Our mission is to break down barriers for entrepreneurs that will become industry disruptors and game changers with global reach. We deliver this through a competitive process that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, and key stakeholders.  We focus on industry sectors that offer a competitive advantage, through the exploitation of the unique characteristics and entrepreneurial potential in the region.

IG-DC has expanded its global reach through a bottom-up approach. In just three years, our global highlight Future Agro Challenge (FAC) has taken on its own organic growth to over 60 countries across five continents. FAC is a leading competition that discovers fundable ventures in food, ag-tech, and agricultural from farm to fork. We aim to unlock new and natural capabilities that reduce unfavorable impact on the earth’s soils, oceans, or human and animal health.

As soon as you start browsing the Future Agro Challenge website you automatically become a user/visitor of the same and are therefore subject to these general conditions for the use of the website version available at the time of access as well as to the relevant provisions of Greek legislation (Law 2472/1997, S. 2779/99, Presidential Decree 207/1998. Decree 79/2000 and article 8 Law 2819/2000), of the decisions of the Authority for Protection of Personal Data and of European law (Directives 95/46/ and 97/66 European Parliament).

The User hereby undertakes to make purely personal and private use of the entire contents of this website, at all times in accordance with that stipulated by these general conditions. In particular, you agree not to use them for any unlawful or unethical activity or for anything which could disturb public law and order.

IG-DC, as well as, FAC assure you of the recording and maintenance of your personal information in a secure database (central server), and take every necessary measure to safeguard your personal data, which is never made known to third parties, except if required by Law and/or the responsible Authorities.

Sending your personal data by means of FAC electronic forms or, where applicable, email messages means you expressly consent to the inclusion of your personal data in the automatic personal data file owned by ID-GC and fulfill the purpose for which it has been collected.

FAC and ID-GC reserve the right to modify at any time and without notice the design and layout of the website, its contents or these conditions for use of the same and in the context of the existing legal framework.

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing to the Administration Department of ID-GC located in Petrou Ralli 11, 17778 Távros, Greece or by emailing at


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Your FAC local license is valid for one year from its date of approval. You must re-apply for each subsequent event.

You agree that the terms of this License are the entire agreement between you and FAC supersede all communications of any kind between you and FAC with respect to the License and any guidelines, rules or policies incorporated in this License. FAC may modify, amend, supplement and/or replace the terms and conditions of this License in writing at any time. All modifications will for the purpose to improve the FAC platform and will retain from the possibility of causing any harm user or third person.

By selecting the boxes beside the text “I agree to the terms” on the Impact Maker application form, you are indicating your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this License Agreement, Privacy Policy Terms and your review and approval of the FAC policies.