Applications are now open for a new cycle.

There’s an agricultural revolution underway. And our passion is pushing the envelope until innovative and fundable food, agtech, and agriculture innovations have spread around the globe, from farm to fork and beyond. Our outreach has already reached over 60 countries as we continue to expand.

We continue to seek for innovative ideas that provides solutions for the lives of approximately 40% of the world’s population thriving on agriculture.

Our main categories include but are not limited to:

  • Food tech – the intersection of food and technology
  • Ag tech – the juncture of agriculture and technology
  • Agriculture Production & Processing – processing agriculture products and intermediate products into valuable marketable products
  • Agroforestry & Husbandry – optimizing the total output per unit area of tree, crop, and livestock combinations
  • Food or Beverage Product or Retail – creating new or improving food or beverage products or retail concepts
  • Food Security & Sustainability – the process of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food while keeping the environment healthy and food production economically and socially viable.
  • Food Waste – food that iAPPLICATIONS ARE OPENs discarded or uneaten anywhere from the process of harvesting to consumer products
  • Nutrition & Health – the intake of food, considered in relation to the personal body’s dietary needs
  • Safety & Health – safety, health, and welfare of people in the food and agriculture workplace
  • Packaging & Logistics – the technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use
  • Agriculture Education – new and impactful forms to educate the youth in agriculture
  • Agriculture Tourism – a ‘return to nature’ unique experience through alternative tourism

Agripreneurs can apply here.

Our Team is Growing! Join Us!

Our small team is growing fast.  We would love your involvement in making FAC special.  Come join us!

We are seeking motivated individuals who care about the future of food and agriculture seeking a glocal impact.  At FAC, we believe we do not have all the answers, and we definitely should not.  It is our aim to bring forward agro innovation hubs from around the world inspired by a bottom up approach who could truly identify innovative voices that are creating solutions on a local, regional, and global level.



Our global network is expanding! We have a lot of news happening and we want to share it!  We are seeking an organized innovative people’s person who could engage and continue to grow our community.  A creative digital savvy storyteller must be part of this person’s qualities in order to share our updates with our community.


  • Passion for food and agriculture with knowledge of the global market
  • 2-5 years experience in Digital Media and Marketing
  • Build and execute online campaigns
  • Creative storytelling expertise
  • Capture and analyze social data
  • Create original content for our social media platforms.
  • Reach out to and build relationships with key influencers
  • Draft relevant communication material for team
  • Establish and optimizing partnerships around the globe
  • Manage content creators to create fresh, on brand content.
  • Work closely with other team members to identify, qualify and appropriately manage leads at all stages
  • Stay current with lead generation best practices, strategies, and industry standards.
  • Strong logic, problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Excellent command of both written and spoken English
  • Knowledge of written and spoken French would be a great plus
  • Have strong work ethic
  • Ardent learner always looking for ways to improve
  • Not afraid for searching for a needle in a stack of hay
  • Adaptable and flexible to fast moving environment



New ideas, new vibes! We are looking for an innovative and creative event guru who could take lead to implement large projects.


  • Passion for food and agriculture with knowledge of the global market
  • 5 years of event management experience with corporates in an international environment
  • Well experienced in heading large teams
  • Creative and on the spot problem solver
  • Strategic and well organized
  • Able to handle long hours, adaptable and flexible to fast moving environment
  • Out of the box thinker
  • Work closely with other team members to identify, qualify and appropriately manage leads at all stages
  • Stay current with lead generation best practices, strategies, and industry standards.
  • Interest in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Excellent command of both written and spoken English and Greek
  • Strong team leadership skills


Interested in joining our team.  Please send your CV to and don’t hesitate to contact us for any further inquiries.  We like to have a personal contact with each candidate, so we are keeping it a little traditional on this matter! 



Claire Reid conceptualized Reel Gardening at the age of 16

Reel Gardening is a South African Social Enterprise that manufactures a patented biodegradable, pre-fertilised seed tape that enables people with little knowledge or resources to plant successfully. The Reel Gardening Seed Tape holds seeds at the correct distance apart and anchors seeds at the correct depth for optimum germination. All you need to do is make a furrow in the soil, plant the tape, water and watch it grow!

The concept of Reel Gardening was developed by Claire Reid at the age of 16 in response to the issues she faced when trying to grow her own organic vegetables at home to sell to her parents for additional pocket money. She felt overwhelmed when having to choose the correct seed and fertilizer for her region and month of planting. She was then angered by the volume she was required to purchase even though she only had a few square meters available to plant.  But it was only when she was sitting in the soil with a tape measure between her knees failing to get the seed to remain in the ground at the correct spacing did she ask for help.

Meggie, the family’s housekeeper, came to Claire’s aid and began to share her personal planting story which involved little access to water and the inability to read the instructions on the seed packet.  Meggie said that she had failed at her first attempt at growing her own food which saw her utilising her little resources looking after what turned out to be weeds. This lead to Meggie never wanting to attempt to grow her own food again. Claire decided in that moment that she wanted to create a simple solution that would make growing vegetables simple, fun and successful for everyone, regardless of access to land, time, education or water and Reel Gardening is that solution.

The Reel Gardening team is made up of 7 people, all based in Johannesburg, South Africa, 6 of these people are women, 3 of whom are previously unemployed mothers who we have upskilled to manufacture the product in our in house workshop.

They also have a team of 6 national trainers who we have upskilled through a train the trainer programme and have equip with tablet technology.

Passionate about giving back in South Africa. For every garden in a box sold through the Girl Scouts of America, Reel Gardening will donate seed tape to the community projects they support in of South Africa. Reel gardening equips anybody, with any level of gardening knowledge or education to grow their own food successfully. Reel Gardening makes growing quick, fun and easy. A garden is a gift of growing, health, connecting to the earth and fresh food. It should not only be reserved for those who can afford to pay for it.

Reel Gardening has worked with more than 300 schools over the past 6 years and has consistently seen the numerous benefits of empowering the youth to care for a garden. They learn about patience and slowing down in a past-paced, immediate gratification world. They learn to take responsibility for something and the consequences of letting that responsibility slide.


They learn that nature is not perfect and that sometimes your vegetables will be strange shapes and different colours but that they are still valuable and edible. They appreciate the embodied energy that goes into their food and learn to respect the environment. A vegetable garden is a beautiful life lesson.