Congratulations to our Top 50 | Future Agro Challenge

Congratulations to our Top 50

Congratulations to our Top 50 #agripreneurs that will compete for the title of “The Agripreneur of the Year” at the 3rd FAC Global Championships in #Johannesburg from March 12-15, 2017!
@citycrop Farm Fresh @farmfreshgambia Osma Hassan Ali Tabid Platinum Compost Pty Ltd Agruppa @seedforward Ranch Du Sahel @semilapr @KarawCraftventures Green Path MUHR Natural Products – Wild Garden Project @boldopy @zalivanje @nutrishakeandino Happy Farmer Sadness Secondary Middle School – AquaFarm Ltd. @centreforagro Save Our Agriculture @agrocenta Taqa Solutions @agronsolutions @refilldom @zenvus CSABateke project @em3agri @8villages MetaMeta/Salt Farm Texel @practicalaction @ReelGardening @worldhopeorg Adaptive Symbiotics Technologies My Rain @aQysta Aybar Engineering @ICBAAgriculture Future Water MIT TATA Si Technologies Conservation South Africa @IgnitiaWeather @saltfarmtexel Water Governance Institute Green Heat ICU Jordan ICU Peru Guano Fertilizer Mozambique Real Agricultural Solutions for Africa