An Eventful Agripreneurial Year Around the Globe! | Future Agro Challenge

An Eventful Agripreneurial Year Around the Globe!

We celebrate an eventful year having mobilized over 80,000 people to  to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to reignite agriculture as a key pillar for economic growth and sustainability.  FAC events taking place around the globe across 5 continents including (USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, Australia), raising awareness of agrifood innovations solving local, regional and global challenges.

Agriculture is the single largest employer in the world.  Currently, 40% of the global workforce is employed by agriculture, yet the contribution of agriculture to the global economic GDP is only at 3.8%[1]

Today’s agricultural industry is on the verge of turning into a high-tech industry, as the growing number of agricultural startups and investors indicate.

Only a couple ago, it was solely the larger players that were driving a lot of innovation; there weren’t so many smaller players coming up.  Now, it’s the small emerging brands that are really driving innovation, either through renovating a tired category or for identifying white space. Gaps in the market are creating opportunites from the very local level to the global disruption.

FAC is at the global forefront of emerging trends in the agrifood sector with the aim to accelerate the agrifood ecosystem. Mobilizing local communities to discover untold solutions each nation and region brings through new perspectives, having overcome different obstacles and offering different facets of innovation.  From reaching farmers in the highlands and revolutionizing indigenous models, or enabling farmers out of blockchain through poverty, whether discovering new raw foods or creating new proteins, FAC’s wide range of discoveries creates opportunities for all stakeholders involved!

[1] Source: World Bank