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Global Finalists Selected for the FAC Global Championships

The heat is on! The FAC Global Championships is the highlight event within the Global Agripreneurs Summit where the winning agripreneur from over 60 nations across 5 continents competes at an international level to be entitled the Agripreneur of the Year to receive dedicated resources to help them grow their business and expand into new markets.

The leading global competition is focused on discovering and accelerating innovative and fundable ventures addressing the entire food value chain from farm to fork.

The following finalists have been selected from around the world:


AGUNITY – Blockchain technology for small holder farmers from Australia

MONITORFISH – AI in fish farming for higher output from Germany

AM BREWERIES – Turning natural waste into delicious beverages from Denmark

WISRAN – Turning logistics inefficiencies into farmer profits from the USA

BITEBACK – Extracting nutrient dense oil from insects from Indonesia

ANNONA – Digitizing global supply chains for small-scale producers from Kenya

BIO NATURAL SOLUTIONS – Natural edible coating increasing shelf life by 200% from Peru

STARTCHY – 100% bioliquid coating for edible products from Lebanon

SOLIXANT – Unique microalgae strains and semi-commercial photo-bioreactors for fish feed from Russia

AGROID SAS – Increasing real-time efficiency in packaging warehouses from Colombia

L’AGRO INTELIGENCIA ARTIFICIAL – Smart pest monitoring system using cognitive computing and IoT from Brazil

HARGOL FOODTECH – World’s first grasshopper farm from Israel

H20 FARM – Accelerating the use of hydroponics in Palestine

FarmAR – AR & 3-D visualization for precise soil and crop management for farmers from Netherlands

KUCA CUVARKUCA – Veggy misfits to solve food waste from Serbia

FLTAOOS ALSRIANI CO.LTD – Alternating Myscat tree waste into paper from Sudan

ROCKY MOUNTAIN MICRO RANCH – Raising nutritious insects for food and feed from the USA

HOP – Facilitating the harvest of insects for malnutrition from Denmark

MAKHLA – Transforming dried palm leaves waste into fashionable backpacks from Tunisia

SESAME DAIRY PRODUCTS – Producing dairy products from sesame seeds from Sudan

NEBYAN DOGAL – Delivering 400 years of highland shepards’ meat to urban homes from Turkey

BAOBAB PRODUCTS MOZAMBIQUE LDA – Creating a baobab value chain to empower women in Mozambique

SYSTEMDEX (PTY) LTD – Simulating ocean conditions inland to breed and source ocean fish from South Africa

L’AMOURANTE – Vending machines for the sale of amaranth oil with 30% more squalene from Russia

AGRICOLOUS – Making precision farming accessible worldwide from Italy

KITOVU TECHNOLOGY – Soil-crop matching data supply system from Nigeria

WISECROP – Operating System for farmers to manage and predict solutions from Portugal

DBUNTU DATA – Digital record keeping for African farmers from Uganda

KRISHI TRADE –  Integrated supply chain and payment protection for farmers to sell products from India

AQUAPONICA – Alternative agriculture and aquaculture methods in Saudi Arabia

YGDRASYL PROJECT AS – Technical structure that grows food, converts green energy, and manages resources from Norway

3BEE – IoT system designed to monitor beehives providing analysis from Italy

SAM – Mobile app connect machine owners with final users of farm equipment from Paraguay

MERMIX – Marketplace that connects farmers with agricultural tools and services from Greece

IOTRACX – IOT technology for farmers to choose seeds, crops, and fertilizers from India

ECOLIFE FOODS – Making agriculture exciting for the youth to Increasing the uptake of hybrid vegetable seedlings in Uganda

HEXAGRO URBAN FARMING – Providing modular and scalable vertical gardens from Italy

PONDAPITS –  A non-toxic deodorant for personal care from Bermuda

EBEN-AGRIC – Transforming groundnuts into paste products to promote local produce in Chad

MADES GROUP – Creating innovative local products to fight child malnutrition in Niger

MORINGALA – Creating Moringa plant products to empower the Malagasy industry