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Five Future Agro Challenge Agripreneurs you need to know about!

There’s an agricultural revolution underway and our passion is pushing the envelope until innovative and fundable food, agtech, and agriculture innovations have spread around the globe, from farm to fork and beyond. The Future Agro Challenge is the leading global competition, bringing together the best of the best to make it all happen.

As many countries and regions face global challenges in food security, food safety, food waste and healthy sustainable diets, local and regional solutions right in our backyards are often overlooked. Too many voices go unheard. Our vast network is here to showcase, grow, and expand the vision of agripreneurs from around the globe.

So, we’ve hand picked five of our previous Future Agro Challenge competition finalists from all over the world that you need to know about in 2020!


“When we founded CropX in 2015, our vision was to revolutionize and automate farm management using advanced Ag Analytics, similarly to the way satellite imagery revolutionized pest-control management, almost a decade ago. We immediately realized that in order for us to manage irrigation and fertilization in a precise, predictive & effective manner, we would have to close the loop by integrating data from both below & above ground, essentially covering the entire soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.”


GERMANY – ​Monitorfish
“MonitorFish is a multicultural team of innovation-driven experts offering cognitive capabilities of Artificial Intelligence in fish farming. We provide local fish farmers with a precise action plan in real-time to maintain the highest quantity and quality of the fish. We focus on reducing the fish mortality in ponds so that the farmers’ investments are secured.”


SOUTH AFRICA – ​Reel Gardening
“Reel Gardening is designed to be the simple solution to gardening – and simple is the best way to describe it. Reel Gardening is a biodegradable seed tape that can be planted straight into the ground. The tape contains high quality, non-chemically treated seed. All the worry, hassle and fuss is taken out of gardening. The convenience and simplicity of the seed tape makes gardening accessible to everyone. In addition you don’t need to think about which nutrients to place, what grows well together or how deep and at what distance apart to put the seeds into the soil. The biodegradable paper already anchors the seeds at the correct depth and distance apart with the necessary nutrients inside and every box includes companion plants.


LEBANON – ​Startchy
“Startchy slows ripening, more than doubling marketable shelf-life. Our coating is made from plant-based organic certifiable ingredients and is transparent, odorless, and tasteless.” Startchy is controlled atmosphere on the fruit level. An edible coating, Startchy is sprayed onto fruits as an alternative to wax. One small step for fruit, one giant leap for shelf-life. Startchy extends the shelf-lifeof fresh produce by 2-3x.”


USA – ​Revolution Agriculture
“Revolution Agriculture makes agriculture hyper-local through a democratized value chain. We partner with land owners and legal users to bring farms into the middle of anywhere. Customers will be able to order their produce or buy it from their favorite retailers, knowing it was grown locally, within their own communities or regions, instead of half way around the world.”


Through our Future Agro Challenge competition, selected agripreneurs gain access to world class mentors, investors, potential clients, and new market opportunities at the FAC Global Championships, a highlight event at the Global Agripreneurs Summit.

Applications are now officially open, head to our website ​​ to find out more!