Fields4Ever Project: FAC 2019 Global Agripreneur Winner - Biome Makers | Future Agro Challenge

Fields4Ever Project: FAC 2019 Global Agripreneur Winner – Biome Makers

Fields4Ever Project: FAC 2019 Global Agripreneur Winner – Biome Makers

Fields4ever is a global initiative driven by Biome Makers for the conservation and monitoring of soil health by promoting the development of more sustainable and respectful agricultural management. It is open to any organization that supports agriculture, whether public or private.

80 projects in 25 countries

In this first phase, 80 research projects on soil health have been launched in 25 countries over four continents, and nearly 6,000 soil samples are being analyzed. Among the topics being researched, the following stands out:  differences of the crops in same soil with similar conditions; monitoring the impact of the use of bioactive products in the soil; analysis of the risk of diseases in soil by using different management practices; differentiation between different types of soil (terroir, regionality); promotion of soil bioactivity, including carbon sequestration, among others.

From small farms, to large research institutions or food corporations, many have joined fields4ever to contribute with their analyses to generate a detailed knowledge of soil health across the globe.  Thanks to the first call of fields4ever, a multitude of projects has been unified to help the recovery of soil health.  Dedicated to the cause of better soil, better food, better life, Biome Makers has opened its technology and made it available to the global research community with 20,000 samples. Each beneficiary project has access to the BeCrop technology, the latest generation of functional soil microbiome analysis,developed by the Californian startup. These tests allow farmers to evaluate the soil microbiome, which is the most powerful and natural bio-indicator of soil bioactivity and functionality.

Biome Makers wants to continue promoting the initiative and get others to join to achieve a significant change on global scale, therefore, a second call for projects will be held before the end of October. As indicated by Alberto Acedo, scientific director of the company Biome Makers; “We believe that this first phase of the initiative has achieved great results, fields4ever has enabled our technology to be used globally and helps soil health recuperation. Our mission as a company is to restore soils, help mitigate CO2 emissions and to improve the crop hence food quality”.