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From the Farm to You

It is simple! PIELERS GmbH goal is to make a major contribution to the transformation of the agriculture and food industry by fundamentally changing food trade and thus securing the future of nutrition. Through software solutions and sustainable agriculture, the food industry should be enabled to be economically successful in the long term. This is achieved when the 8 self-set principles for decent food are realized.  PIELERS strives for an exponential increase in the realization of the 8  principles and the highest possible user satisfaction. Impact and profitability are equal goals of PIELERS, and are to be realized with the greatest possible leverage.

More species-appropriate animal husbandry, environmentally friendly production processes, and a reduction in food and packaging waste is what PIELERS stands for.  is the first product of PIELERS GmbH. The application enables producers and gourmet artisans to offer their distinctive food products directly and digitally, independently of expensive retail stores or market stalls and without intermediaries. Private persons, enterprises  or public mechanisms find good food on-line and buy directly from the producer. In this way,  every purchase on directly supports producers and gourmet artisans. Numerous  awards have now been won by PIELERS:  

  • Winner 2020 Future Agro Challenge Germany 
  • Digitalization Award We Do Digital 
  • DurchSTARTER Award 2019 
  • Ranked first in the “Consumer Apps & Services” category of the FoodTech 500 list,  worldwide 
  • Top 10 female founders in FoodTech, worldwide 
  • EIT Food Rising Food Star 2020 

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PIELERS GmbH is a tech startup empowering producers, farmers, communities, municipalities  to implement the EU’s Farm2Fork strategy through software and the use of data. They democratize food supply with their own cloud platform. PIELERS Cloud software applications enable peer2peer food commerce for all. Through their software, they help maintain distinctive food diversity, create fair producer prices, and show where food comes from. The cloud is the  heart of the company. It is the central data repository and backbone of PIELERS software applications, which can be used independently or combined by different users.  

PIELERS operates as an agile network organization in which each member acts equally,  autonomously, and self-responsibly. Each member is an expert in his/her field, and is responsible for achieving the goals in his/her field, while always focused on cooperation. Temporary teams are formed within the organization to work on projects and solve problems. Each team is formed by the initiator in a problem-oriented manner. Uncooperative behavior, micropolitics,  bad temper, and distrust are rejected and addressed directly.