Empowering Women and Building Sustainable Food Systems | Future Agro Challenge

Empowering Women and Building Sustainable Food Systems

The Future Agro Challenge (FAC) anchors a dynamic community that takes root in each joining nation, enriching the global conversation with a transfer of ideas and solutions. Each nation and region brings a new perspective, fresh concepts, unique solutions borne of their own individual experiences in overcoming obstacles.

A transformation in the food system is needed to transform a 10,000 year old industry into a female inclusive sector. Real and sustainable solutions from farm to fork can only be achieved if gender inequality is minimized or eliminated. Carla Tanas, co-founder of Future Agro Challenge, highlights that “while technological solutions are advancing around the globe the gender gap isn’t closing only because its not a digital solution that can close the gap.  We first need to understand the local realities, learn about the diversities of crops and each respective value chain in order to shift in mindsets and actions.

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