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Agriculture from Space: a 4th generation food production

Industry 4.0 comes with a whole technological revolution such as the package of Agriculture and Space. This concept stimulates a large number of innovative services and products for a continuous and more systematic monitoring of Agricultural activities.

Examples and effective solutions based on space technologies are already in place across the globe in the domain of Agriculture and Rural Development. The agriculture sector seems to be particularly suitable for the development of the new markets where larger industries, but also small and micro-enterprises use Earth Observation technologies that could address local and individual needs of farmers and cultivators with new, innovative and efficient user-targeted services. Their integration into existing systems could have an important role and could stimulate the creation of new and innovative applications, services and products for better agricultural production, rural development, and territorial management in general.

The below mentioned startups are examples of solutions to a diverse range of agricultural challenges, from affordable IoT connectivity to everyone on the planet, to a variety of sensors that collect data for crop’s health, to crop-specific plant nutrition solution and nanosatellite constellation. The showcased techniques are the latest applications in precision agricultural platforms to monitor crop growing cycles, livestock location, and soil or leaf analysis tools to optimize crop-specific plant nutrition.

  • Hiber (Netherlands) – is a satellite operator built for IoT applications. Its mission is to bring easy, affordable IoT connectivity to everyone on the planet. Imagine being able to monitor soil conditions, to track cattle and know-how crop storage is doing – worldwide, no matter the location. Hiber enables this through its own nanosatellite constellation.
  • EarthSense (USA) has developed an autonomous robot, TerraSentia, that contains a variety of sensors to collect data for plants’ health, physiology, and stress response. EarthSense uses machine vision and machine learning to seamlessly convert field data to specific, actionable information about plant-traits.
  • Soiltech Wireless (Taiwan) delivers real-time, actionable information to help agriculture professionals increase yields and crop quality whilst lowering costs and reducing inputs. The Soiltech sensor measures moisture, temperature, humidity, and bruising, which is wirelessly transmitted to users for analysis and decision making – during the growth, storage and transportation of crops.
  • Skudu (South Africa) has created a technology that converts laboratory analysis of either a soil or leaf sample into a detailed, crop-specific plant nutrition solution, more accurately and rapidly than humanly possible. The company is the very first to know the exact fertilizer requirement of the farmer. This knowledge provides tremendous advantages and cost-saving opportunities for any fertilizer supplier wishing to serve this need.
And many many more!

Having technology at its highest levels, the fact is that there are many means and ways to produce food for everyone. The issue is to find a path towards zero hunger along with sustainable food production and monitoring.

In our passionate community at Future Agro Challenge, we know that solutions can also come …from above! Monitoring the land from above and using artificial intelligence technologies in Africa to control the soil’s status are just few innovative ideas from our expanding community.

To this end, here at FAC, we have developed a suite of tools to assist communities from all around the globe to collaborate and work together to solve the food production and supply challenges of the future. We have a world network in over 60 countries and we want you to join our efforts to build local ecosystems to solve global food puzzle problems and utilise our global competition for local agripreneurs to reach global visibility.  


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