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Bringing Agripreneurs Closer to Policymakers

With the aim to bring agripreneurs to the frontline, this year the Global Agripreneurs Summit had the honor to bring forward policy makers including His Excellency Mario Arvelo, Chairperson of the Committee of the World Food Security and His Excellency Dr. Theo De Jager, President of the World Farmers Organisation.

Holding a roundtable designed to create a collaborative to give birth to proposals that could bring forward result-oriented policies for the positive advancement of agrifood innovation, with discussions that included agripreneurs from over 60 countries across 5 continents, as well as, impact makers.

The discussion aimed at providing suggestions for policies that could facilitate the education of the general public on how innovation and technology can revolutionize the food supply chain and address global food challenges.  Influential policy makers and prominent members of the global agrifood innovation community shared cases, approaches, examples, best practices and proposals on the types of motives needed to create a roadmap for positioning agricultural innovation as a national agenda.

A position paper is in the process of being created to bring forward further discussions around these matters.