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Sandbar Cropping

This technique enables landless families in Bangladesh to diversity their incomes by growing pumpkins (that last for up to a year) and other crops on previously barren land. Farmers can overcome seasonal food shortages and reduce risks that threat their livelihoods.

Crop Resilience Solution

A solution to stabilise silicic acid to strengthen crop resilience against droughts and extreme weather. Crops can absorb silicon, resulting in a reduction of water consumption of 30-50%. Affordable and environmentally friendly solution to reduce drought stress.

Mobile App for Farming Training

Revolutionary services farming-centered platform. An SMS and voice-based mobile app that will work on the type of basic mobile phones that farmers own to provide them with access to critical agricultural information. A business model designed to expand rapidly and maximise our reach and impact without much dependence on funding.

Mobile Weather Forecasts

An SMS based highly accurate weather model to help small scale farmers in West Africa to predict water availability and improve their yields. The forecasts are accurate 84% of the time compared to its competitors (only 39%). Messages are low-cost and user friendly.